Olimp Btea-Alanine Xplode 250 gm

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Olimp Btea-Alanine Xplode 250 gm


800,00 EGP


Olimp Btea-Alanine Xplode 250 gm

  • 1600 mg of high-quality beta-alanine per serving (3,2 g)
  • Recommended during the most exhausting trainings
  • Contributes to the reduction of the feeling of tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B6)
  • Sensational, refreshing orange flavour

Food supplement in powder containing beta-alanine, vitamin B6, L-histidine and sodium. With sweeteners.

Is increasing fatigue and insufficient endurance preventing you from achieving your goal? Relax! The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand is prepared to help you1! The Beta-Alanine Xplode Powder dietary supplement is a preparation in the form of perfectly dissolvable powder, which contains high-quality beta-alanine, enriched with, vitamin B6 and L-histidine.

This is yet another product from the incredible Xplode series, so highly valued by both high-performance athletes and amateurs. It consists of supplements that are characterized by excellent solubility, high bioavailability of active ingredients, amazing flavors and exquisite quality of the tested for purity and safety of use raw materials! Choosing the preparation from the Xplode series, including the Beta-Alanine Xplode Powder formula, you can be sure that you obtain a dietary supplement developed with the use of up-to-date production technology, in accordance with pharmaceutical standards!

Beta-Alanine Xplode Powder is:

  • A dietary supplement in the form of powder, characterized by excellent solubility, exceptional bioavailability of active ingredients and by sensational, refreshing orange flavour
  • As much as 1600 mg of high-quality beta-alanine in each serving (3,2 g)
  • Support in reducing the feeling of tiredness (vitamin B6)
  • Help in maintaining proper energy-yielding metabolism as well as protein and glycogen metabolisms (vitamin B6)
  • Help in the proper functioning of the nervous system (vitamin B6)

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