Bigman Multiphase Whey Protein Chocolate 908G

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Bigman Multiphase Whey Protein Chocolate 908G


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Bigman Multiphase Whey Protein Chocolate 908G

Product description Bigman Multiphase Whey Protein Chocolate 908G

Big man multi-paste whey has been developed to be one of the most delicious and effective gradual liberation proteins. , which will help you maximize muscle development and improve recovery. It contains ultrafiltrated serum concentrate protein, isolated from wpi ”themax” serum, protein hydrolyzer, calcium case of slow release proteins to help keep hunger at bay during its busy work day. In bcaas and glutamine.- help to accelerate fat loss.- includes the isolated of wpi serum protein ”themaxx” .- almost 35 grams of protein by service.- only 5.8 grams of carbohydrates and less than 1 gram of service fat.- delicious flavors. Additional information may use multi-phase whey as a complete food substitute, such as a protein snack between meals or simply as u n post-location to favor recovery. Ingredient concentrated whey protein (arla®), protein hydrolyzed, isolated from milk serum protein (glambia®), fructose, glutamine peptides (kyowa®), sweetener: sucralosa (e-955), aromas (mischievous powder cocoa *(only in chocolate and derivatives)). It can contain gluten and soy traces. Employment mode 1 portion (1 measure) in 300 ml of cold water or skim milk and mix. Take one or twice a day, one of them after training. It is advisable in protein synthesis. It is also advisable to take multi-phase whey in the morning to compensate for energy consumption and catabolism caused by night fasting. 908 grams presentation.

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